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| Nothing shortens the life of a power tool faster than distortion under heat,
vibration or load. Lacela solve this problem by developing a IEI technology.

| Formerly, power tools were designed with matal bodys in order to add durability, however, they were also extremely dangrous, often shocking users.

| The plastic out housing, which proved much safer, but less durable and less
resistant to distortion.

| For Lacela, we wanted to have the durablity characteristic of a metal housing,
with the safety fearures of plastic. So IEI was born. This technology dramatically
increase the tool life by combining the positive characteristics of matal and
plastic, distortion is less wearing on the tool and overall satety.
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Incorporated LACELAs technology know as IEI (Internal Extra Insulation)
Each machine pass 4000V~ Hi-Pot test
Aluminum housing improves the reliability and greatly extends tool life
Dust-proof labyrinth construction keeps dust at bay
Grinding turn Wide angle
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the professionals
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