Hot Selling
Product No.: 264007
Name: Hot Selling

Guide Plate Length: 405mm

Rated Input Power: 1800W

No-Load speed: 5500r/min

Machine Weight: 4.0kgs


1.Hot-rolled titanium alloy guide plate, sharp alloy chain, high temperature quenching technology, more durable.

2.High quality chassis, to prevent the spatter of sawdust from scratching the skin, and to improve the work safety.

3.Non-slip handle,more comfortable.

4.Alu housing, more durable.

5.Air cooling back cover to protect the motor. With dust-proof and heat dissipation air window.

6.With Warming indicators-- Intelligent Detecting System

7.Automatic injection system to reduce the wear of the chain and prolong the service life.

8.Aviation turbine oil pump system is more reliable, more efficient and has longer service life.

9.1800W high power,professional machine.